Do something which terrifies you!

For me, one of the big benefits of ultrarunning is that we purposely get outside of our comfort zones, and this is where we grow as ultramarathon runners and as people. Having spoken to many like-minded running souls over the years, I know this also to be true for many ultramarathon runners. 

Genuinely terrified!

So, I have just spent 8 weeks considering; researching; doubting myself; talking to a previous finisher (thank you Claire) and talking to a couple of people who have hiked / climbed Crib Goch and I have signed-up for the 2023 Montane Dragon’s Back Race®. I’m genuinely terrified, and it feels good! 


The older we get, the more conservative we get and the same goes for my running. It has been a long time since I took a great big punt and went for it! Talking to Claire was very inspiring, to the see the pride of finishing and the focus required and applied each day was immense. But it still took another four weeks for me to make the mental commitment. There’s the financial commitment and there is that switch in your mind which you need to turn and decide ‘I am going to give this my best shot.’

The last time I felt scared about an event was the Fing O’Fire in 2015, which I highly recommend and before that, MdS in 2011. There have been many other events in between and many which I am very proud of, but none which have genuinely scared me. My expectations are modest and getting as far as completing day 1 would be truly awesome, check out day one of the Dragon’s Back. I am not scared of heights, but I do have a strong sense of self-preservation, so traversing Crib Goch would be for me, a terrific achievement. After that we shall see……


I plan to ramp up my training intensity in January for running and indoor rowing, will re-introduce sessions on my Wattbike and also introduce weighted steps each week. 

In the meantime, I will enjoy the buzz of feeling a bit scared and daunted, before the really hard work sets in 😊

Wish you all well with your running goals and plans for 2023


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