When life gets in the way

I returned home following my DNF at this year’s CCC with a renewed focus on my running, general health and wellbeing. For 20 days I was on it! I was at home so my diet was good, I was exercising twice a day and I lost weight and felt a whole lot fitter and sharper […]

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What is coaching, exactly?

Coaching is huge. There are apparently 1.3 million sports coaches in the UK, serving over 7 million ‘coachees’. A recent survey found that 81% of people found that coaching improved their enjoyment of sport, meaning it has real impact across the board – from novices and weekend warriors, to GB athletes. So, what is coaching […]

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Feeling out of my depth

I’m writing this just after my first ever surfing lesson. I was rubbish and it was exhausting, but I feel exhilarated. I’m going back tomorrow for a second go. Hopefully I’ll manage to actually stand up… It was a bit of a proud moment, watching my family and the rest of our ‘pink’ beginners group […]

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A funny story…

A couple of weeks ago, I was catching an 8am flight from Bristol to Dublin – something I do quite regularly as part of my job. As always, I paid attention to the safety instruction demo, which for me includes counting the number of seat rows in front and behind to the emergency exits, and […]

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