About Andy

Andy Stewart

Life is a Sine Curve is the result of my experiences as an ultramarathon runner, in 30 years of business, in life, and now as an ultra-running coach.

I’m an ultra-runner in my 50s, but running hasn’t always been in my life. Far from it.

In my younger years I played a lot of rugby. In my twenties, a friend taught me to overcome my fear of water and start swimming. Then, in my thirties I decided to try running a marathon.

It was the start of something. I finished the 2000 Marathon de Mont St Michel in 4.21, broken but exhilarated, in blistering heat.

Then, while living in France, I started watching coverage of the epic Marathon des Sables. That led to taking it on in 2011 – something which was genuinely life-changing – finishing 258th.

Training for ultras on the move

Since I started running ultras, I’ve been travelling extensively for work. Like many runners who also travel, I’ve learned how to keep on track with my training and nutrition even while living out of hotel rooms or moving across time zones. You’ll notice how that’s a recurring theme in my blogs – how to keep moving towards endurance goals when you’re literally on the move.

Juggling life with running

I got married and had the first of our two children back in 2007. I’m constantly trying to strike the right balance between the demands of being a parent and a husband, as well as being an ultra-runner. I share a lot of thoughts on the topic of finding that balance on this blog.

Ultra-running coaching

My management style at work has always leaned towards challenging yet supportive, which made a step into endurance running coaching quite natural. I’m an ultra coach with XNRG, helping runners of all abilities get what they want from their training and achieve their goals.

In short, this site is for anyone looking for practical tools to traverse life’s highs and lows – in endurance running, in business, and in life.

Struggling to achieve a goal, or looking for specific advice? I’d love to help – email me at andy@lifeisasinecurve.com to start your journey.