Do something which terrifies you!

For me, one of the big benefits of ultrarunning is that we purposely get outside of our comfort zones, and this is where we grow as ultramarathon runners and as people. Having spoken to many like-minded running souls over the years, I know this also to be true for many ultramarathon runners.  Genuinely terrified! So, […]

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Stepping out of our comfort zone

Yesterday I completed 82 miles and 5,385 ft of elevation, hiking the magnificent Ridgeway over three days as I marked XNRG’s awesome Druid’s Challenge (see excellent review Adam in Runderland: The Druid’s Challenge). As I neared the finish, hiking up the 3 mile hill to Barbury Castle guided by my head torch and the light of […]

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Pure joy of running!

27th September 2021 The pure joy of running! I have just completed my first run, well walk/run, since my right hip was replaced some fourteen weeks ago and my first run since 13th May, when I slogged out a very slow and uncomfortable 4 miles on the Isle of White. It felt so good to be running, […]

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How to handle pain relief?

A friend of mine recently asked me how I was getting on with my hip and what was I using for pain relief? If you’re new to this blog, I contracted Lyme’s disease last summer which set-off an auto-immune reaction in my right hip and an x-ray and talk with the doctor revealed that the […]

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