Pure joy of running!

27th September 2021

The pure joy of running! I have just completed my first run, well walk/run, since my right hip was replaced some fourteen weeks ago and my first run since 13th May, when I slogged out a very slow and uncomfortable 4 miles on the Isle of White. It felt so good to be running, in short 30s bursts, as fast as I could and with absolutely no pain. Shear joy! So much so, that when I completed my walk run schedule, I added in one more set and then for good measure continued with a jog/walk for the additional mile or so to home.

I had no idea how much I have missed running; the exertion; being outside early of a morning when few people are up and about, being out in the fresh air. 

Thanks to Clive Richards for suggesting I follow this routine to get me back in to running without overdoing things, I really do need to avoid doing too much and too soon. 

I will follow this program for a month or so and will take it from there. My goal is to do some trail running up in the woods near here as soon as possible, without overdoing things and being mindful that whilst my recovery is going well, I am nine months off full recovery. By which time the muscle fibres will fully have fully connected and embraced the new joint. In the meantime, a nasty fall could fracture or shatter the ceramic hip. 

The Endurance Physio says: 

“Unsure of how to return to run post injury? here’s a regime I use regularly. Also works well as a beginners regime for those looking at run freq. But it’s not a fitness programme. That comes later. This just allows the body to safely return to running 3 x week for 30 mins.”

My weekly exercise schedule is building towards 10 hours a week, averaging 1.5 hours breaststroke in the lake; 2.5 hours indoor cycling on my Wattbike and around 2.5 hours on my WaterRower. I need to build some longer rides in now and the one hour long ‘endurance’ row each week is proving to be of terrific value in building strength and resilience. In addition, there is some purposeful walking (head and heart rate up) plus the daily leisure walking with our puppy Olive.  

I am sure there is some degree of luck in my recovery, but I honestly believe that as I wrote in my previous post, the power of a positive mental attitude and good base strength and fitness have combined to see me through this (so far) in good shape! The biggest challenge will now be to stick to the program and not overdo things. 

So, whatever stage you are at in your running, I hope you enjoy and relish every run. The time is so precious. Take care and do let me know if you have any tips to share on recovering from such an op.



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