Superfit at 50: realising we’re finite

In readiness for my forthcoming operation to replace my right hip, I visited my consultant to see the results of the MRI and CT scans of the hip and for him to talk through any questions I had.

My treatment is being led by Professor Alister Hart of Jointrecon who I was recommended to by a colleague, so I have complete faith and trust in his and the team’s ability to do what needs to be done.

It was therefore not surprising to me that I really didn’t have any questions about the procedure. And the comprehensive notes which I had previously received covered in good detail the planned recovery and rehabilitation (which I will write about in future posts).

What did shock me a bit though, was seeing the image of the femur and pelvis in such a poor state. Up until July of last year, I was comfortably running around 50 miles a week and was feeling pretty indestructible to be honest. However, the image really did knock me and explained why I have been in so much pain and discomfort.

Something which I had by and large, managed to ignore until that point; it must have been the ‘ultra-running’ mentality kicking in. I am normally a good deep sleeper, but that night I couldn’t sleep at all. 

The image showed my femur with three holes in the top; my pelvis crumbling where it was rubbing bone on bone and a fat-filled hole in my gluteus medius muscle as it wastes away. The last 15 plus years of running ultras had conditioned my subconscious to believing that I was bullet proof. How wrong was I! 

I am not complaining, the operation on my hip is straightforward for the treatment team and subject to a disciplined recovery from me, I should be up and running again in 4 months’ time. So, I do consider myself lucky in the big scheme of things. Trying to be ‘Superfit at 50’ is as much about dealing with our health issues as we age as it is about exercising properly and trying to be in as best physical and mental condition we can possibly be.

Good luck to those of you who are also contemplating an operation or getting over an illness, I will continue to post here my progress post operation as I get back to being as fit and healthy as I can be. For a fifty three year old! 

Stay safe and do continue your work to be healthy and the best possible version of you.



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