Superfit at 50: Ending a Runstreak

I wrote back in December 2020 of the benefits I found from running at least one mile a day every day for a year, mostly in the early mornings. Well last Tuesday 4th May, I completed day #500 and stopped my run streak. On the 7th June, I will have a hip replacement and I wanted to stop the streak when I was ready and not because I would be incapacitated. The photo heading up this post is of The Bristol Channel at sunset as I came over the hill for the final mile of my #500 run.

Superfit at 50 was originally about being a leaner, meaner ultrarunner and to have more energy for work and family life. To be the best possible version of me and to hopefully extend how long I live and to try and ensure the best quality of life during those later years. So, whilst my Lyme’s disease has knocked my ultrarunning on the head, being lean and energetic for my work and family life remains valid and now probably even more important, so I decided to come up with a new plan to maintain and build on my Superfit at 50 goals. 

As we get older, we all face different challenges in life and key for me is adapting to whatever life throws at us and honing back in on my goals. My Mum passed away at the beginning of April, comfortably and peacefully in hospital. Mum was 80 and had achieved a lot in her life and was always so supportive of everything we did, especially of my love for running and always encouraged my brother and me to be the best we could be at whatever we tried. Getting used to the void has taken a while and is the reason for the pause in my posts. I love you Mum xx

So, I have had some time to reflect and with a new hip around the corner, I have decided to replace my runstreak with an exercise streak which will start after my operation. I am fortunate enough to have the option of having a ceramic hip which will (subject to a solid recovery) allow me to run half marathon distance, possibly a marathon although ultra’s will probably be a few steps too far! My exercise streak will be based around walking, indoor cycling, rowing and eventually, running.

A ‘running’ friend of mine and a colleague at work, who have both had ceramic hip replacements have shared excellent advice; to take my time recovering and to follow every piece of advice from your consultant; to the letter. So that’s what I’ll do, and I am genuinely excited although a little nervous too. 

I will post progress on my recovery and will share my experiences and would welcome any thoughts and tips you might have to help me achieve my goals, so please do get in touch.

In the meantime, happy running and happy exercising, cheers


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