Listen to medical experts and to yourself!

My last post was about my long-held avoidance of taking pain relief, particularly in helping me to deal with Osteoarthritis in my right hip. Well this week I had an inspiring call with a hip specialist from the NHS to talk me through options and eventually a hip replacement.

At the start of the call I was anticipating resistance to my continued (albeit slow) run streak, however, my takeaways are positive and the doctor’s advice totally inspiring! Thank you ….


Osteoarthritis is the one time he recommends a daily dose of paracetamol. I’ve previously written about how I am naturally averse to taking pain relief How to handle paid relief but what an amazing difference. My running immediately improved, still slow but much more comfortable and the background dull pains have completely gone. I’m sleeping so much better too.

Keep strong

The doctor liked my cross-training and encouraged me to keep strong and to continue to load the joint and to increase my stride-length if I can, providing I don’t suffer additional pain. Basically, he said, ‘don’t stop being fit’ and to use interval training and cross training to build strength and to keep the training sessions interesting.

Lose weight

Prior to contracting Lyme’s last July, I was running 50+ miles per week and weighed-in at around 83kg. However, last week I nudged over 90kg. Not good. A combination of a lack of mileage; low intensity running and too much lockdown indulgence…. So, I am already on a mission to get back to where I need to be.

Let yourself be understood

My lack of running was getting me down a bit and I really do want to run another ultra. I recently had a friend question why I was bothering to run when my cadence was so slow and awkward. The doctor got me straightaway though and made me realise that it’s important for other people to understand who we are and what drives us on. He completely understood my goal and encouraged me to be as ‘Super Fit at 50’ as I can possibly be 😊

Since the inspiring call and my adoption of the recommended changes to my routine, I’ve really got my mojo back where it belongs. 

We all run for different reasons and I’m proud to consider myself as part of an older running community who keep on going and growing, even as we nudge a little bit older.

Take care, stay safe and happy running


Photo courtesy of My Islands

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