Super Fit at 50 – checking in

Since early September, I’ve been on a mission to become a leaner, fitter, meaner ultrarunner – and have more energy for work and family life. I’m calling it ‘Super Fit at 50’!

So, here’s what’s happened so far. I’ve lost 5kgs. The weight loss hasn’t been linear, but it’s definitely on a downward trend!

My running movement is freer and I feel much less lumpy in my stride. Back in my teens I was diagnosed with a slightly curved spine and one consequence is that I’m right-side heavy. I’ve allowed this to be an excuse for a lumpy stride ever since. However, change is a catalyst for more change, and I now feel inspired to improve my running action so am reading up on it. Hopefully, this should be an important step towards my goal of finishing next year’s SDW100 in under 24 hours.

On a human level, I am feeling happier and more fulfilled as I spend a much greater portion of each day doing what I want to do. As Neil Thubron sometimes asks: am I nearer to my goals now than before? The answer is definitely yes!

So, loads of positives so far. Happy running!

How’s it going? Let me know if you’re on your own mission to become a fitter runner, fitter in your fifties, or both! Leave a comment below or email me on

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