Feeling like spring in July

After pulling out of the SDW100 with kidney pain, I set about getting myself back in the groove. My good friend Neil Thubron suggested I do the opposite of what I would normally do, and take three weeks rest from running. This post is really about picking yourself back up after a disappointment – and […]

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Be your own leader

Training for your next ultramarathon? Or simply trying to become a better version of yourself? To succeed, you need to learn how to lead yourself. Think about it for a second. If you are to set or contribute a direction for those around you, you not only need to set a good example – you first […]

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Diagnosed with Dyslexia at 51

I have recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and thought I would share it with you. From the age of six, my wife and I noticed that our daughter absolutely blossomed in some areas of learning, but struggled in others. She’s now 10 and doing brilliantly. We started on a journey to understand dyslexia – and […]

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