Lyme’s Disease, Running and Sparkle!

Well my wife, Melissa says I’m getting my sparkle back and this week I started to feel a bit of bounce back in my stride. So, there is progress! For those of you not familiar with the effects of Lyme’s disease, it can be very debilitating with the bacteria hiding in points of inflammation in the body causing aches, discomfort and sometimes depression and mental health issues.

So, whilst I have not been ultra-running recently 😦 it feels great to feel energised once again and terrific to have my wife comment that I have regained my ‘sparkle’. During the last five months I have maintained my daily running routine, although at times, the runs have been slow and to be honest, often uncomfortable due to aches and pains. To now be able to land my foot confidently and to enjoy pushing-off the tarmac as opposed to carefully placing my foot on the ground to limit the impact shock on my quads and hip, is really quite a joy.


A positive mental attitude

I am not naïve enough to believe that I am over this Lyme’s disease, but I never for one second thought that I would not get through this as a stronger and better person. As I wrote in my first post on this blog back in August 2017, the sine curve represents our journey and I never stopped believing in my purpose to be the best that I can be and to help those be the best that they can be. I see this period of my life with Lyme’s as a chapter and in having that purpose, that goal crystal clear in my mind generates a lot of energy from within.

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

For those of you who follow this blog, I have been enjoying the positive benefits of IF for over two years and once diagnosed with Lyme’s (check out Running And Exercise During A Prolonged Fast), it made sense to focus more intensely on some longer fasts to really benefit from autophagy and to boost the bodies immune system in order to best limit the effects of Borrelia burgdorferi hiding within my body. I am also enjoying the wider benefits of fasting and feel sharp in myself.


I have had a WaterRower for over 20 years and absolutely love it! Rowing is a great aerobic exercise covering 85% of the bodies muscle groups. My physio explained that rowing would help build muscle and support around my hips and pelvis. So, on top of my regular 15 or 20 minute warm-up rows, I have introduced an hour long row to my routine each week which has really helped improve my strength. 5 miles still feels like a long run, but it’s getting easier!

A future success factor, sea swimming

I am yet to start swimming in the sea but will do so! I need to find a buddy to partner up with due to my epilepsy, but I will get organised over the holiday season in a couple of weeks’. Other than the obvious shock of the cold-water temperature at this time of year, I am expecting to enjoy the feeling of being back out in nature which is something I miss from my trail running. The cold water should also reduce any inflammation within the body, further helping to fight off the Lyme’s.

So, a positive outlook as Christmas approaches with lots to focus on for 2021. Take care, stay safe and talk soon.



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