A final festive thought

Thank you for all your comments and tweets over the past week, especially around the challenges we all face at this time of year. From dark wet nights and crowded social and work commitments, to simple lack of mojo, and feelings of guilt, it’s easy to see why a lot of us are missing our training goals this season.

The brilliant thing is, Christmas break is just around the corner. Take it as just that: a break. It should give all of us a good opportunity to stop, reflect and plan for the year ahead. But first, what about trying to train over Christmas?

As I write this, I’m sat waiting for a flight home, and I know I’ve added a couple of kilos over the last few weeks. Very little running during the week and too many social nights out have contrived to do the damage. But I know I am still in a lot better shape than when I started Super Fit at 50 (my journey to become a leaner, fitter runner and have more energy for the important things in life) back in September. My daughter doubted my ability to have a six-pack by Christmas and she was right, but I will continue with the plan undeterred!

My plan for the coming days is simple. A 50km run just before Christmas will clear the cobwebs and reset my running clock. I’m going to skip intermittent fasting (IF) on Christmas Day and indulge, and on other days I will fast until lunchtime and then indulge as I normally would. One benefit of IF is that my body has adjusted to the routine of eating twice a day; when I eat more frequently, I feel full so much quicker. So, although I might add a kilo more over the Christmas period, I will have gained less than normal. Glass half-full rather than half empty!

I will also have some quality time for some good runs. I love my early morning run on New Year’s Day. You feel like you are starting the year the way you want to continue, and it also provides some real quality time to reflect on the coming year’s running goals and plans.

So, I wish you all a terrific Christmas. Indulge and relax, then really focus on achieving your 2019 running goals. I’m an endurance running coach with XNRG – just drop me a line on andy@lifeisasinecurve.com for some tips.

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