Need a ‘lift’? Hang out with positive people

Have you ever spent time with someone who has bags of positive energy, and come away feeling recharged yourself?

I love spending time with infectiously ‘can do’ people. You can’t help but feel challenged and inspired by being around people who achieve things – whatever they are. The older I’ve got, the more self-confidence I’ve acquired. That’s probably down to a mix of being coached and from the experiences I’ve had – hopefully something along the lines of ‘older and wiser’.

As I’ve written before, helping others to grow helps me to grow. Spending time with positive people with sunny dispositions fills me up so I’m then able to pass on my own positivity to other people who might need it. It’s a kind of chain reaction.

Perseverance with a smile

I was reminded of this at last month’s XNRG Devil’s Challenge – a fantastic event that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a multi-day ultra. Covering 97 picturesque miles along the South Downs Way, it starts in Winchester and finishes in Eastbourne, via the Seven Sisters.

It was hotter than the Caribbean that weekend and all of the competitors performed amazingly despite the conditions. I was serving as part of the XNRG crew, manning checkpoints and supporting the competitors in any way we could. What was so inspiring was seeing them experience their highs and lows; some fantastic performances from the elite runners at the front of the pack, and from the walkers and runners who finished further down and persevered to the finish. Even in pain, people continued to smile, share a laugh, and remain focused on completing the event. So totally inspiring.

Equally uplifting is working amongst a talented and well-organised event crew. Being around dedicated and motivated professionals is also a real privilege.

Team work, done right

Now imagine a team of positive people. Each person is open-minded and wants to support the team’s goals and their fellow team members. They’re ready to bask in the success of the team, rather than grab their own glory.

These kinds of teams are the most successful – and the most rewarding – to be part of. Whether you’re a team leader or a team member, why not put this on the agenda as a discussion point for your next team meeting? I think the most successful teams have these attributes in common:

  • There’s clear direction from leadership
  • All team members have a sense of ownership over the team’s objectives
  • Everyone is driven to achieve those objectives
  • The team shares strong core values
  • Everyone recognises and calls upon the strengths of other team members.

At work, at home, or in sport, we all have to mix with an infinite variety of personalities. Focusing your attention on the ‘can-doers’ can be a good way to grow and get inspired – and therefore contribute more when you are around people who need lifting up. Just ask anyone who’s been around endurance athletes…

Are you in a team that sounds like the opposite of what I’ve described above? I’d love to help – drop me a line on

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