Sticking to the plan when you don’t feel the love

I was just over two miles in to a planned 18-mile long run, when I started to walk up a slight hill which I normally run. I was in the woods, Clevedon Court was to my right, my head torch was on and it was getting light. This is one of my favourite parts of the route, but that morning I was just not feeling the love, and I found myself walking and thinking about cutting the run back to a nice short seven miles.

OK, I said to myself, that’s fine, but why did I plan a long run in the first place? And how would I make up the lost mileage? I knew I wouldn’t make up the miles, and I also knew that I only had six weeks to the South Down Way 50-miler, which left only another five weeks of training.

Looking further ahead at my running goals this season, I really do need to complete each of my four planned events well, in order to build for the next one. So quitting wasn’t really an option. I also looked a bit deeper and asked ‘why is my running important to me?’ and ‘why do I write about my running, and what I am trying to achieve through these posts?’ Heavy stuff first thing in the morning – but, as many of you know, thinking space is another great plus for us runners…

My big passion, my big internal ‘why?’ is to be the best person I can possibly be, and I hope that you and the other readers of my posts find some connection with this goal. I am really grateful that you take the time to read these posts and hope that in some small way, they can make a positive difference to you, and to those around you.

So, back to my run… I had crossed the motorway bridge and was heading up the lane towards Cadbury Camp with a renewed sense of purpose – with a spring in my step once again! At the top I stopped and took this photo of the beautiful sunrise. Sunrise is my most cherished time to run and Cadbury Camp holds a special place for me; back in January 2009, I ran through there on my first double digit 10-mile training run ahead of the MdS. Back then I was so proud!

So today was a reminder of why it’s so important to stick to your plan when you don’t feel the love. Key to the change in my spirit was having a good understanding of why I wanted to achieve my goals. Even before you plan ‘how’ to achieve your goal, take time out to get to grips with your ‘why’. There will be many good reasons to achieve your goals – great motivation!

That morning’s run also helped me decide to dedicate another challenge – the KACR145 in July – to the amazing charity Humanity Direct. I’ll be running to fundraise for lifesaving and life-changing operations for children in developing countries. Watch this space! Happy running everyone 🙂

Feeling low on motivation at the moment? Not feeling the love? I’d like to help you tackle the ‘what’, ‘how’ and, more importantly, the ‘why’ of your goals. Email me on to find out more about how I can help.

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