New Year’s resolutions gone out the window? Here’s how to get back on track

Was it a case of new year, new you? Over 80% of resolutions fail by February, so if you’re struggling with yours, you’re definitely not alone.

Remember how focused you were at the beginning of January when you decided to make big changes. I bet you felt a buzz and sense of purpose having such clarity on what you were going to achieve this year. So, where is your commitment to your resolution today? Score yourself from 1 to 10, with 10 being fully committed with actions in place to achieve your goal, and 1 being plan forgotten. I imagine for most people, you will be somewhere in the middle. Yes, the goal still lends purpose but the stuff of everyday life and routine have taken over, and little has been done to make the change you wanted so much.

In other words, achieving your goal required too much effort.

Forgive me for getting a bit personal now. In my humble opinion, if you were genuinely enthused with your goal at the start of the year, and knew in your head and your heart that this change would make a positive difference, then not helping yourself now is a waste of your precious life potential. Remember, the clock is ticking and we only have 168 hours each week, and a finite number of weeks on this earth, in which to be the best people we can be. To be the best for ourselves, our friends and families, our work colleagues, and for everyone else we encounter over the course of everyday life. Imagine the enormous difference to our lives and this world if we could just achieve a fraction more of our true potential.

So, what can you do to get back on track?

First of all, get absolute clarity in your mind on what you want to achieve. Keep it simple and write it down! Writing it down and then reading it out aloud to yourself makes your goal so much more real, and so much more part of you.

Next, if you have not done so already, make a concrete plan to achieve your goal. This also needs to be written down! First of all, list the big milestones, the big hurdles, the big achievements – these can then become your key actions. Then detail, step by step, exactly what you need to do in order to make it happen. By setting a goal and making a plan you have already started your journey – now you just need to follow them through. Today! Don’t forget to start with some quick wins, and also by chipping away at any actions which might require help from others, and therefore take a bit more time. Get things moving early.

Benchmark your success and your journey. Sit down once a week and systematically check where you are against your plan. Has anything been forgotten? Does anything need a second push? Not only are you being diligent, you are reinforcing your goal in your mind each time you read and work on your plan. After time, your progress will motivate you to stick in there when the going gets tough.

This isn’t just about new year’s resolutions. These principles are part of my Life is a Sine Curve methodology, which you can apply to any area of life – from sport, to business, to life in general. I’ve written a blog to help you get started – take a look at Life is a Sine Curve explained.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Let me know in the comments below, or, for more tailored advice, drop me a line on

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